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GPS Directions At Your Fingertips

Check out our hands free gps, hunting gps, marine gps, and more!

Whether you have a favorite outdoor activity that would benefit from having immediate mapping available, or there is an adventure you would love to participate in but are nervous you may get lost along the way, we have got just the thing for you - a portable Global Positioning System (GPS)!

For those unfamiliar with how GPS systems work, the basic idea is simple. From small GPS devices to large, elaborate systems such as the ones used by NASA, they operate under the same principle. GPS devices determine your precise location almost anywhere on the planet by accessing signals transmitted by a number of the 24+ GPS satellites orbiting the world - the very same satellites used by the military. These satellites transmit data that indica tes location and time. When your portable GPS device estimates the distance to at least four GPS satellites, it can calculate its position in three dimensions, within 10-20 meter accuracy. Whether it be portable marine GPS systems mapping out bodies of water or all-terrain land GPS devices plotting altitudes and topography for the active climber, the premise is the same and gets you to your destination just as accurate

Zoombak GPS Locator | Garmin Golf GPS | Lowrance Handheld GPS

Having a GPS unit on hand for your outdoor activity means you have ready access to these satellite signals at all times. It allows you to know where you are at any given moment, and be able to plot where you are want to go. Mapping out a river route on your portable hand held marine GPS unit, collecting altitude information for your next major climb, even something as basic as pinpointing the nearest rest stop all become just a finger's touch away, readily accessible to you. But first you need the proper GPS device and that is where we can help.

Garmin eTrex handheld GPS used by hiker

Pathfinder Portable GPS Has What You Need

Welcome to PATHFINDER PORTABLE GPS, your online store specializing in the Global Positioning System needs of people who enjoy the outdoors - people such as yourselves! Our store carries the best handheld GPS systems available from manufacturers such as GARMIN, MAGELLAN, LOWRANCE, BUSHNELL, SPOT and ZOOMBAK allowing us to offer portable GPS products for a wide array of outdoor activities. HIKERS and CLIMBERS appreciate our handheld GPS devices with digital compasses and altimeters. Campers and other outdoor groups appreciate the TWO-WAY GPS RADIOS.

Here you will find geocaching GPS and GPS-enabled dog tracking systems. Geocaching, a hobby that has been steadily increasing in popularity, finds the best gps for geocaching has the paperless feature of our GEOCACHE-FRIENDLY GPS devices that accept cache downloads directly to the unit. HUNTERS value the hunting-specific icons that mark their GPS maps but nothing makes that hunting trip easier than Garmin's DOG TRACKING SYSTEM for ease in keeping track of Fido as he retrieves the big game. Speaking of game, even golfers are finding their game improving with the use of our GOLF GPS rangefinders!

CYCLISTS take to the road with portable GPS units that can be mounted to the handlebar or worn on the wrist like those used by RUNNING and FITNESS TRAINING individuals for real convenience. These wrist-mounted portable GPS devices make great HANDS-FREE SYSTEMS for such sports as sailing, hang gliding, skiing or any other activity that benefits from free use of hands. Not all small GPS units are waterproof, so you may want to check out our list of WATERPROOF DEVICES as a cross reference. Even more specific for those water-loving hobbyists are the MARINE-FRIENDLY GPS units we offer which have preloaded coastal, inland lake or river maps - some of them even float!Garmin Oregon GPS for hikers and climbers

Whether propelled by MOTORIZED WHEELS, self-propelled as a  PEDESTRIAN taking in the local sights or boating on the area waters, we have both all-terrain GPS and portable marine GPS units available to give you the confidence to expand your horizons and venture further than you ever comfortably dared previously, due to no second-guessing your location.

Here at PATHFINDER PORTABLE GPS, we have it all. From small personal locators to more advanced systems that display elevation and color maps, we are sure you will find just what you need from our selection of portable, handheld marine GPS units and land GPS devices. Our wide selection of ACCESSORIES will allow you to further customize your system to your specific outdoor application. INSTRUCTIONAL DVDs are available for most units to walk you through the more complex features of your chosen device. Shop safely and securely from the convenience of your own home, confident as you select from the best handheld GPS equipment available in the market today, at fair, affordable prices. Define your hobby and let us get started outfitting you for your next great adventure!

PATHFINDER PORTABLE GPS. The one-stop shop for your portable mapping needs.


Zoombak GPS Locator | Garmin Golf GPS | Lowrance Handheld GPS

Warning: Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and/or GPS-enabled devices are intended as a
supplemental navigation aid only. The user assumes all responsibility with the use of this product.


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